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Alternative Tourism

What is Pasyar?

Means “to travel leisurely” in the native language of Palawan province, Pasyar is an alternative approach to tourism that celebrates and supports community-based development and conservation initiatives. The Pasyar Experience offers the oportunity to learn about these initiatives, contribute to their sustainability, and explore the many beautiful places of Palawan - the Philippines’ last ecological frontier.

What's in PASYAR?

Pasyar market advantage is on the quality of its tours, reasonable price and social interaction with community. Pasyar Palawan will not only offer the usual tour sites that can be found in Puerto Princesa like Honda Bay and  Underground River. The Pasyar tours will be an answer to a growing segment of “tourists” who are demanding for “alternative” forms of tourism worldwide. Pasyar will showcase community efforts towards environmental protection like mangrove conservation, marine sanctuary and other developmental efforts as well as promoting our city tourism sites.

Pasyar tour is also educational in nature and will surely have long lasting impact both for the guests and the local communities. For the guests, it’s the learning and appreciation on how the people of Palawan, particurly Puerto Princesa has taken the task to themselves to work hard and balance the development direction vis a vis the environment.

Pasyar aims to:

 Provide market option for tourist demanding for an alternative form of tourism.
 Build capacity of local communities to empower them to become an active player on tourism industry in Palawan
Promotion in maintaining cultural integrity and enhance awareness on environmental protection.

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