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About Us
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On this page we will describe our organization, our partners and our dream for the many communities of Palawan .

More About Palawan NGO Network Inc. (PNNI)

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Our Mission

Pasyar Development Tour aims to:


§         Provide options for tourist demanding for an alternative form of tourism.

§         Build capacity of local communities to become active players on the tourism industry in Palawan while maintaining  cultural integrity and enhancing  environmental protection

§         Provide additional income for partner peoples’ organizations 

PASYAR is here to serve all of your vacation needs. This year we have taken our guests away from the stress of everyday life and created a relaxing and fun adventure vacation.

We believe everyone deserves their dream vacation. If none of our packages look right for you, we can help you create your own special vacation. We are here to serve your vacation needs, and make it one that you will truly enjoy and cherish.

Our History

What is Pasyar Developmental Tourism Program?


The Palawan NGO Network Incorporated-Palawan Access Center (PNNI-PAC) anchoring on its geographical location in the province of Palawan, being a prime tourist destination in the country- will be engaging in tourism endeavor but with a dent towards creating awareness on the developmental efforts of many communities in Palawan. The Pasyar as a  Developmental Tourism endeavor will be PNNI’s core social enterprise strategy in partnership with the local communities.


PNNI have a special focus on Developmental tourism primarily because: 


        Tourism is believed to be one of world’s biggest and mostly stable industries despite natural and man-made threats.


        Developmental tourism is also know as sustainable tourism “ where tourism is meeting the needs of today's tourist and host communities while protecting and enhancing the opportunity for the future. It involves management of resources in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic needs are fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity and protecting the environment.


        In recent years, there has been a growing segment of “tourists” that are demanding for “alternative” forms of tourism.


        Developmental Tourism emphasizes the socio-environmental context and focuses on cultural exchange and interaction.


        It is anchored on the concept of experiential education for the purpose of planting the seed for positive change in an individual and collective level.


        Developmental tourists go to project sites and communities to experience the social, cultural, economic and religious lives of the residents in an environment of mutual respect and understanding.


        Alternative forms of tourism are more appropriate for developing countries than traditional mainstream tourism because they aim to capture the benefits of tourism without exploiting the people, culture and environment.


        It fosters positive development based on common interests by promoting the protection and preservation of communities, environment and local economies.


        It can also potentially support a sustainable income source by promoting the traditional livelihood activities of the communities (handicrafts and food processing) and create opportunities for learning new skills.

This is our opportunity to describe the different adventures/tours/activities we offer.

Available Packages:

A. The Product and Services

A.The Tour

The Pasyar Palawan developmental tour will be marketed as an alternative tourism product while doing advocacy in terms of allowing the guests to have a unique tour experience in meeting the real life heroes of Palawan in protecting its fragile environment while still having the opportunity to appreciate the best tourism sites that Palawan can offer, particularly in Puerto Princesa.

The Pasyar Experience will also show case development initiatives of member NGO on building the capacity of local communities to actively participate on development issues that are affecting their environment and social life thereby the development direction is thus controlled by the community.

PNNI shall package tours on the following schemes:

1. Day tours – These are for groups who want to explore the city with limited time available. This would mean their lodging will be based in the City proper and will just go out for a tour during the day.
Sample day tour: Underground River

Pasyar Developmental Tours Day tours Mainstream Tourism Day tours
World Heritage site aventure

Price: 1, 500 minimum 8 pax
Price: 1, 300 minimum of 8 pax


Van transfer
Boat rental
Tour guide fee
Entrance fee to Underground River
Entrance fee to Mangrove Paddle tour
Entrance fee to Ugong Rock
Services of shuttle service up to 6 pm


Van transfer
Boat rental
Tour guide fee
Entrance fee to Underground River

Sample day tour: Honda Bay & San Carlos Mangrove boat Tour

Pasyar Developmental Tours Day tours Mainstream Tourism Day tours

Price: 1, 300 minimum 8 pax
Price: 1, 300 legend hotel day tours

900 - 1000 minimum of 8 pax = other local tours


Van transfer
Boat rental; San Carlos to Honda Bay
Tour guide fee
Entrance fee to San Carlos Mangrove Forest
Entrance fee to Pambato reef
Explore Snake Island & Pandan Island
Buffet Lunch
Services of shuttle service up to 6 pm


Van transfer
Boat rental
Tour guide fee
Entrance fee Pandan Island & Star fish
Pack lunch

Marine Sanctuary Adventure

A whole day snorkelling adventure to marine protected areas like the Pambato reef, Tabang cove and Puntod Ilis


Van transfer
Boat rental (big boat)
Tour guide fee
Entrance fee to Pambato reef
Entrance fee to Tabang Cove Marine sanctuary
Entrance fee to Puntod Ilis Marine Sanctuary
Buffet picnic lunch @ Snake Island
Services of shuttle service up to 6 pm

2. Pasyal Bayan ; Bayan ( 4 D/ 3 nights or 3 D/2NIGHTS)
This tour will cover travel in and out of Puerto Princesa City proper reaching the rural barangays where developmental projects are being implemented.

3. Full Developmental Tourism ; 5 - 7 day event - Pasyal Palawan
This 5 - 7 days tour will cover the adjacent municipalities outside Puerto Princesa City and will also show areas where developmental efforts are being implemented.

B.The Center

PNNI shall established a physical center where a store and a café shall be housed. The center will feature the livelihood products of PNNI members and assisted communities, and shall be composed of 5 sections:
Selling area
Product demonstration/work area
Exhibit area for the developmental tour sites
Information Office
Café (coffe shop)

B. 1. The Store: Selling Area and Product Demonstration Area

PNNI shall showcase products of different communities and member organization ranging from agricultural like coffee and grains to various handicrafts including non-timber forest products and jewelry making. The store will also be linked to PNNIs thrust towards organic product development in Palawan by hosting an organic festival a year after.

B.2. Exhibit Area for Developmental Tour Sites

This area will be where pictures and other related materials will be shown to give a visual guide to tourist of the places they are expected to visit and experience.

B.3. Information Office

This area will be the central control area of the management in terms of the tour booking and various product details.

B.4 Café: will serve natural food products of members organization.

Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan 5300, Philippines
Tel. No. (048) 433-5525 / (048) 723-1075
email: and